No hydraulics. Patented design. Electric / Manual lift

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Use ground loading to transport goods safer, faster, easier.

Motorbronx Europe distributes the Motorbronx ground access range of trailers in Europe. Distributors wanted.


Our Benefits


Ground stability

The trailer is as stable as the ground. The access angle is very low, and there is no risk to slip even on a wet surface.


Affordable price

The patented Motorbronx lift system uses a pivot point that gives the lift system a 20:1 advantage. The lift system is cost efficient, and therefore the trailers are very affordable.


Fully galvanized laser cut chassis

Computer designed, stress tested chassis. For example the MI series (Motorbronx Industrial) has a laser cut, CNC folded chassis.


Change accessories

Turn your trailer into a caravan or windows transporter, or use the standard dollies to change from jet-ski to bike trailer. Then you just buy one trailer, not two!


Rubber torsion axle

Made in Germany by KNOTT. Much better than leaf springs. It provides a quiet suspension with excellent ride and handling.


Electric/Manual lift

Unlike other systems using hydraulics, the Motorbronx electric lift only needs a lift motor the size of an egg! Max load is 2 tonnes per axle.

Our Quality


ISO 9001 certified suppliers

All our suppliers are ISO 9001 certified.


EU standards

All our components are EU certified.